Got a question about the conference? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Participant Lifecycle team.

How does the application process work?

Due to the limited amount of space in our location, we also have to limit slots for participants. That’s why we had to find a way to choose the applicants.

We ask you for some necessary information about yourself as a first step in the application process. Besides that, we are really interested in why you would like to join the conference. The answer is optional, but it would make our decision easier if you give a short explanation. Please make sure that your application is written in English.

Important: All students can apply! You just have to be enrolled at a University or University of Applied Sciences.

Do you offer accommodation?

In general: No. But, as some of the participants will be students from CODE, we know a few people that could host participants in their flats where you could sleep for free.

If you would like or need to get free accommodation, please make sure to check the required checkbox in your application. We will contact you on time and give you all the required information about your accommodation. Nonetheless, we can’t promise that we will find a host for everyone - but we will give our best and let you know early enough in advance.

How many people are going to join the event?

We are not sure yet, as we don't know how many are going to be allowed.

How much does it cost to join unicon and what is included?

To be part of unicon a ticket of 19€ will have to be purchased. If you can not afford that ticket, please contact

The ticket price includes the conference visit, food and drinks during the whole 2.5 days. It does not include accommodation.

Apply now for early bird ticket

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