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celebrating love for digital products -
made for students by students.

about unicon

Join our student conference that is all about digital product development and aims to connect students from inspiring universities and diverse backgrounds through tech. For this year we are hosting a festival instead of conference.
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unicon conference

What is happening at the event?

speeches. get inspired and learn from experienced experts.

We invite renowned speakers to talk about their personal experiences with developing digital products and working in the tech industry. Last year’s speakers included CXOs from Trivago, Project A Ventures, Outfittery and Blinkist. For unicon, we have convinced amazing entrepreneurs to join us - which we will announce step by step.

students. meet and connect with like-minded individuals.

The participants are one of the most essential aspects of unicon. We want to make sure to invite students that have similar interests but are at the same time diverse in their backgrounds and skills. Besides, we will create natural networking opportunities so that it is easy to connect with one another.

challenges. work on a problem and grow together with other students.

To combine the diverse skills of our attendees, we will organize a group challenge in which they collaborate for four hours in small teams. The goal is to come up with a solution concept for a specific problem and pitch this to a jury and the other participants Each group consists of software engineers, business people and designers.

workshops. learn from industry experts in a hands on format.

To enable close contact to industry leaders with high credibility and many years of experience as well as hands on deep dives, we will organise several masterclasses and workshops about specific topics regarding digital product development.

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speakers at unicon

Our goal when choosing speakers is always to ensure a big variety in topics, as well as backgrounds. We are not only looking at the companies they have founded or worked for, but also what they have experienced and what parts of those experiences can support us - as students.
Are you a participant and have ideas about speakers we should collaborate with? Reach out to us!

unicon 2021 will be in a festival format,
so we can celebrate together safely.

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partners of unicon

Every year, we’re partnering up with several companies to make the experience as exciting as possible - for all attendees as well as our partners. They can contribute with workshops, given by industry experts, by doing job interviews or just being there for an exchange of thoughts.
Are you a participant and have ideas about companies we should collaborate with? Reach out to us!

events at unicon 2021


Speakers. "The speakers were likely to stay and be a true part of the event."


Students. "The time that was given to get to know other students was great."


Workshops. "The workshops were really interesting, because we got insights into how the companies work in real life and I was able to ask questions anytime."


Challenges. "The group Challenge was extremely fun - I gained great insights on others and how they work in teams."